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Having a trusted Chevy service center to go to will give you more peace of mind as you enjoy the precise handling, advanced technology, and beautiful styling of your Chevy car. To get reliable quality and service you can count on, simply head right over to Moritz Chevrolet.
As a certified Chevy service center, our shop is staffed with automotive experts who can help you keep up with your service schedule and other repair needs.

Why Keeping Up With Your Service Schedule is Important
When you take a look at your service schedule found in your owner’s manual, you may be wondering how important it really is to actually stay on top of it. In fact, keeping up with scheduled maintenance is essential if you want to keep enjoying your car to its fullest.
Routine maintenance allows your car to perform smoothly. For example, keeping your car thoroughly supplied with fresh oil allows your engine to work properly while avoiding wear. Similarly, having your tires rotated will ensure the grip between your wheels is even while helping you avoid flats.
Overall, the return on your investment in keeping up with your maintenance schedule is well worth it since you will need fewer repairs, get better gas mileage, and enjoy your car the way it was meant to be driven.

Our Service Center
Our Fort Worth Chevy service center is the place to go for both major repairs and scheduled maintenance. During scheduled maintenance, we will make sure your car is in prime condition by filling your tires to the recommended air pressure and checking your lights. And if your check engine light comes on, you can also bring your car to our shop to be repaired with genuine OEM Chevy parts.
Schedule your service appointment with us today!

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