The Moritz Chevy Guide to Buying a Used Car

A family stands outside a parked Chevy Traverse

When adding a new vehicle to your life, a used car is often the wisest decision. New cars can ease your mind with their stability and reliability, but when it comes to your budget, you could find yourself opting for a used Chevy.

The experts at Moritz Chevrolet have crafted an overview of what to look for and ask about when buying a used car.

What Do You Need?

What kind of car fits both your budget and lifestyle? Are you looking for cargo and passenger space? Look at used Chevy SUVs. Need something to up your work capability? Try a used Chevy pickup truck. Need something practical and stylish for a business commute? A used Chevy sedan might be your speed.

Take some time and consider what best fits your needs. After that, it’s all about hands-on research.

Research Your Area

The online market is usually your first stop for deals on used Chevys. Knowing where to go once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few vehicles can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. Use your research to narrow down what you do or don’t need in your next vehicle.

Make some calls. Try some early negotiations over the phone and get a feel of how flexible a prospective dealer might be. You might find it easier to assert yourself over the phone than in person, at least in the beginning. Don’t forget that they expect you to haggle.

Test Drive and Inspection

Once you’ve zeroed in on a potential buy, take it for a test drive. Take it out for as long and as many times as you need to feel comfortable. While you’re at it, have the vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.

Any reputable dealership should have no problem with you borrowing the car and getting a full diagnostic on its condition. Given the level of investment involved, it is important to prevent any unwelcome surprises.

Ask Questions About the Vehicle’s History

One of the most crucial things you can do is find out as much as you can about the vehicle’s history. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • Is this a salvage vehicle?
  • Are all the records available?
  • Has it ever been in an accident?
  • Have there been any major repairs?
  • Are there any current repairs needed?

Financing Options

Once you’ve made a choice, your next task is to determine how to pay for it. You have an array of options available thanks to our Chevy finance department. You can opt for a direct loan or finance through our Chevy dealership in Fort Worth, TX.

Contact one of our Chevy dealers with any further questions on buying your used Chevy.