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One of General McRaven’s advice is to start your day by making your bed . Although it seems simple, the idea is that by doing so, we have the satisfaction of having achieved something at the beginning of the day. What if the next step is to order your car? Remember that we spend a large part of the day in it, and it becomes not only a means of transport but also a mobile office and a tool that gives happiness to the family on those weekend trips .

Identify what is necessary
It starts by identifying what are the things you need and what are the only things that get in the way; for example, those receipts that have been in the glove compartment for a long time. Wouldn’t it be better to have a small envelope where they are all properly organized for when it is necessary to use them? You may need them to include them on your invoice or request a refund from your company.
Another example is the containers or disposable cups where you once had a coffee or soda and that are now part of the decoration of your cup holder. By using a non-disposable cup you help the environment by generating less garbage because it does not become garbage, in addition to being an easy way to choose the amount of drink you want and its temperature.

Each thing in its place
It is true that when driving, the least you think about is putting things in their place, because the important thing is to pay attention when driving and avoid accidents , that is why it is important to have a designated place for everything.

Create your own logic
Each person has their own routine so it is good to design your spaces in a way that works for you, without having to constantly search for what you need. Some vehicles come with compartments that we can use as part of our order system. Each compartment can be named, for example: “the box on the left side of the steering wheel” can be turned into “the box of the wallet when I go to the gym”.

Keep your trunk in order
The trunk is the perfect place to put the things we use occasionally, such as grocery bags, gym bag, jackets, etc. There are accessories such as nets and anchoring systems that we can use to make sure that the load is always in place and that it does not move or make unnecessary noise that will disturb us when driving.

Think about the passengers
Sometimes we can go to the extreme and have an extremely efficient storage system; however, it can be difficult for passengers to find where to put their things. At the end of the day, the important thing is flexibility in the use of spaces.

Another important point, especially when traveling is having a place to put the garbage that is generated, such as food wrappers, papers, etc. Do not hesitate to inform your passengers when entering that the receptacle is there, “in case they need it”, so it will be easier when you clean your car or truck.

Look for accessories
One of the advantages of living in Dallas Fort Worth is having a large inventory of makes and models as well as their various accessories all in one place: Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth . There, you can ask the professionals about brand-name accessories that fit your used car. Don’t forget to check out the brochures in their lobby, as well as enjoy a complimentary drink.

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