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During the week we work hard to achieve our goals, and there is no better reward than taking a ride with the family in a comfortable car and what better than with a state-of-the-art navigation and entertainment system.

By choosing from the best inventory of used cars in Dallas Fort Worth, we can see live and in full color the different options in entertainment and navigation systems for those family weekends.

The beauty of a used car is not only how it looks on the outside but also because of the equipment and accessories it has, at a lower cost than a new car. That’s why at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we find the best cars and trucks in Dallas Fort Worth.

Entertainment options
It is true that each member of the family may have different tastes… very different. For those cases, there are entertainment systems in which you can connect one or more phones at the same time, to alternate listening to what everyone wants.

Now there are many entertainment services that are free, such as online radio and music, podcasts, audiobooks, courses, etc. and with the speed of the new cellular networks like the famous 5G, these services will become more popular.

With an intelligent entertainment system, parents can finally show their children that we are highly technological!

Entertainment for all tastes
As we already know, each member of the family may have different tastes, so it is advisable to put simple rules so that everyone is happy. For example, listening to a podcast of maximum 45 minutes followed by music for another 15 minutes or enjoying a comment that refers to things that are important to the family.

At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth there are used cars with the latest technology in entertainment and navigation systems. Did you know that almost 99% of the cars sold this year have a digital display and that almost 75% of them are compatible with the Apple system?

Advantages of having a system integrated into the telephone
One of the advantages of having an entertainment system that can be connected to the telephone is that we can make and receive calls without having to be distracted . In addition, some systems even read the texts and can translate what we say into words to respond.

A comfortable car is like an extension of our home and for those road trips, you can sing, why not? Instead of karaoke at home, families can start the “caraoke” tradition. It is sure to be fun and can start a healthy family tradition.

A lot is missing?
The best thing about having a navigation system integrated into the car screen is that we can predict how far there is to go, and even set points to stop on the way to eat, have a coffee, or just enjoy a nice view. Before, people would make stops in small towns and see the “attraction” for travelers, such as the Fort Worth stockyards, the world’s largest potato in Idaho, or the leaning water tower (such as Pizza in Italy). . You are never too big to be surprised.

At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth , we have an inventory of dozens of used cars and trucks with the most advanced entertainment systems. Take a spin to pick out the best Dallas Fort Worth car or truck and plan a family trip to start a new tradition.

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