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One of the advantages of buying a used car in Dallas Fort Worth is having a wide variety of options with the latest technology in terms of lights for your car.

What are LED lights?
Known by its acronym in English (Light-Emitting Diod), these types of lights produce up to 3 times more brightness than halogen lights and at a lower temperature. However, they also require more size as they require extra cooling systems and connections, compared to halogen lights.

When buying a used car or truck with LED lights and driving at night, the light tends to be bluish. Also, some cars have magnification systems that allow you to see to the sides of the vehicle at a greater angle and that can even turn according to how you turn the steering wheel.

The market has influenced luxury car brands for LED lights to be considered standard equipment.

Why are they called halogen lights?
They are called halogen because inside the bulb there is a small amount of that gas so that the incandescent wire recovers the material that evaporates when it is hot and prevents oxidation that in the long run could spoil the brightness of the bulb.

The spectrum of light produced by these lights tends to be yellow or white, making it less of a nuisance to drivers coming from the opposite direction.
Much has changed since the cars of decades past, as halogen lights have evolved in efficiency and therefore cost.

So what is the difference between the two?
First of all, they are two completely different systems, one is based on current transfer through a semiconductor (LEDs) and the other is an incandescent wire with a little halogen gas that allows a longer life to said wire, since it deposits the material which evaporates back into the glow wire.

Cost is an important factor when considering car options. An LED lighting system can increase the price of a new car by thousands of dollars, which can be avoided when buying a used car with the same technology, since the depreciation of the car paid by the first owner covers the cost of the extra accessories and therefore are more accessible.

If you drive at night in Dallas Fort Worth, maybe a halogen system will do the job, but if you drive on the highway at night, it might be advisable to choose a vehicle with LED lights.

Ultimately, what we are looking for is safety when driving at night on poorly lit roads; That’s why at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we have a wide variety of used cars as well as used trucks that have the LED lighting system. The professionals at Moritz Chevrolet can show you the best Dallas Fort Worth used cars for your needs, in a friendly environment.

After viewing the extensive inventory of used cars in Dallas Fort Worth, why not take some time and enjoy a complimentary drink in our lobby? Ultimately you are part of the Moritz Family.

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