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For some people, commuting from one place to another in Dallas Fort Worth means a cost that directly affects the income of their business. For example, contractors or sales agents who need to visit clients, attend meetings, go back to the office, etc.
At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we know that each person has the ideal in a used car in mind and that is why here are some tips to choose the best hybrid car.

What is a hybrid car?
A hybrid car is one that uses two types of energy to move. Although it is true that all used cars have electrical power stored in the battery, this is normally used for accessories or to start the engine; However, in the case of hybrid cars, electrical energy is used directly to move the car, in addition to the movement provided by the gasoline engine.

An advantage that is worth emphasizing is that being a hybrid car, the emissions tests are easily passed so we do not have to worry about emissions outside the allowed range.

How does a hybrid car work?
Hybrid used cars, like new ones, feature advanced technology like regenerative braking, just like Formula 1 cars have long used it. This system uses kinetic energy when braking and regenerates (hence its name) the electricity that is stored in the high-power battery for the vehicle to use when needed.

By using two types of energy, it has two types of engines: an electric one and another of gasoline or another type of fuel derived from hydrocarbons. It can be said that one motor is electric and the other thermal (internal combustion).

This two-motor technology allows the electric motor to take control of power generation or to assist the gasoline engine, that is. Running both engines together improves torque and therefore the car or truck moves faster.

By making efficient use of the energy created by the heat engine, the vehicle does not need such a large engine and therefore the fuel consumption is much lower.

How to choose the best hybrid?
When looking for a used car in our inventory, you can find different models of hybrids, from compact used cars to SUVs. By not using fuel like traditional cars or trucks, a larger hybrid car or truck can be found at a cost similar to a conventional vehicle.

Another advantage of searching our inventory is always being advised by our team of professionals , with all the answers you need as well as help to find the best options for used hybrids in Dallas Fort Worth. Not forgetting the test drive to experience the subtle and imperceptible changes between electric and thermal motor.

When looking for the best used car in Dallas Fort Worth, at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we have the best inventory, certified mechanics and to top it all, all the vehicles we sell have the Moritz Promise at no additional cost. This Promise gives you the assurance that the engine and transmission are guaranteed for life and regardless of the number of miles your car or truck drives.

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