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As part of the Moritz Promise , our large inventory of used cars in Dallas Fort Worth undergoes a comprehensive mechanical and functional overhaul. So when choosing your next used car, Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth gives you the best value for your money.

Here are some easy tips to know when it’s time to take your car in for a brake check.

Brake pads or pads
One of the most labor-intensive components in the brake system are the brake pads, or pads, which act by friction to stop the wheels from spinning. For the same workload, they are the parts that need to be replaced most often.

If you notice a pulsation when you step on the brake, or that your vehicle takes more distance when braking, it is time to check the thickness of the brake pads. Some vehicles have sensors that warn when it is time to change them; However, as you drive your car every day, you may know if something is not right. In the case of brakes, being such a primary device, safety must come first.

Discs and drums
Cars today commonly use disc brakes, although some with drum brakes are also found. The discs and drums are directly attached to the wheels, so it is important that they are in good condition. When they are worn, there can be a longer and even dangerous braking . Sometimes we do not realize their condition because to check them it is necessary to disassemble the wheels and examine them with instruments in addition to an initial visual inspection.

Within the visual inspection we must check for discoloration or a change in color that can tell us that it has crystallized. Also, it is necessary to check for cracks or scratches. Another symptom that there is a problem is when there is a vibration when braking and the car is “pulled” somewhere, it can be a situation in which the disc is worn unevenly (warped in English).

Brake fluid
Visually the brake fluid should be yellowish but transparent, if the color is darker, it is necessary to change it. This coloration can be due to metallic residues or simply to the end of the useful life of the liquid. Remember that brake fluid has a viscosity that must be in a sufficient range to operate in various temperatures.

The brake fluid must be compatible with the system that your car has, a certified mechanic can tell you which is the right one for your brake system, in addition to verifying that it is in optimal condition.

Good habits when braking
Remember that frequent and sudden braking wears out brake pads and brake fluid. The most advisable thing is to brake decisively first, and then gradually stop pressing, stopping the car or truck in a constant and controlled way.

Driving in Dallas Fort Worth we are involved in constant traffic as well as starts and stops, but if we follow a defensive behavior and with enough distance between us and the vehicle in front, we can control our braking.
To learn more about the qualities and equipment of your used car, visit Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth where our team of certified mechanics can give you advice and also design a maintenance and inspection plan for your vehicle.

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