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When our clients and friends wait for their vehicle in our comfortable lobby, we take the opportunity to talk and find out what are the things they like the most about their new used car.

One of the topics that we talked about last week was that of those emergencies that happen when driving on the highway, especially mishaps or breakdowns of other vehicles that prevent us from following our way.

So your friends at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth give you some tips to be prepared and what to do when you have a mishap.

Keep your battery in good condition
With the accessories on and the engine off, the battery can be drained, so it is best to keep the engine running intermittently to recharge the battery. It is important to always be prepared and visit us for a terminal review including signs of corrosion that could prevent your car from starting again and you cannot continue to your destination.

Carry an emergency kit
It is to be expected that by being close to an accident some people will be scared and hurt. As in the remote case of a zombie encounter , it is best to be prepared with a first aid kit so that you can help those who come with you or those who are nearby. In the best used cars in Dallas Fort Worth you can find those with perfect storage compartments, especially in the trunk.

Have a good entertainment system
As in any crisis, it is best to be informed and if you consult with the professionals at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth, they can help you connect your smartphone to your car or truck. From our large inventory you can choose the best used car in Dallas Fort Worth with the most user-friendly accessories.

Communicate with family and friends
It is always important to let our family and friends know if we have plans to visit and tell them what time we expect to be there. In Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth used cars you will find those with hands-free systems so you can tell them the most up-to-date information. In most, you can even tell your vehicle by voice to communicate with your family and friends.

Maybe you need a car with an all-terrain traction system
In a couple of past blogs we talked about the two types of traction, the AWD and the 4WD . In the event of a major mishap, you will probably have to get off the asphalt and drive out into the open to avoid damaged vehicles on the road. That’s why your friends at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth offer you a great selection of vehicles of all sizes and types of traction.

Don’t forget that we also have an excellent group of certified mechanics who can advise you which type of tires are best for your vehicle.

Find your happy place with luxurious interiors
For moments of crisis there is no way to remain calm, and that you can easily achieve by being inside a quiet car with quality interiors. Your happy place will be accentuated when you know you picked the best Dallas Fort Worth used car at a great price, and with the Moritz Promise at no additional cost.

As part of the Moritz experience, our cars are thoroughly inspected and guaranteed under the Moritz Promise. Share with your family and friends the experience of buying the best used car in Dallas Fort Worth and tell them how to get quality, warranty and the best selection.

Do not forget to also tell them that we have a lobby with complementary drinks so that we can enjoy a good chat together while they wait for the delivery of their new used car.

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