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Engine oil is one of the most crucial parts of your Chevrolet car. It ensures that your engine functions properly while providing it with the necessary cooling and lubrication.

If you go too long without getting a Chevrolet oil change, you may start to notice worse performance and fuel-efficiency. Oil changes are one of the many services that we perform here at our Chevy service center.

Here are five signs that you need an oil change:

Dirty Oil: Over time, oil picks up debris, which diminishes its quality. You can check the cleanliness of your oil by checking it once per month.
Exhaust Smoke: If you’re seeing unusual smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust pipe, it could be a sign from your engine that it needs new oil. This could also be caused by an oil leak or by oil spilling onto parts that it should not be on.
Oil Smell: A smell of oil emanating from your Chevy Tahoe could be the result of an oil leak, or due to your engine working too hard to compensate for a lack of oil. This can be fixed with a simple oil change.
Engine Noises: If your engine is making knocking noises or other unusual noises, it could be a sign that you need an oil change.
Oil Change Light: One of the more obvious signs that you need an oil change is if your oil change light is turned on. It’s even possible that your check engine light will turn on if you need an oil change.

If you have noticed any of these signs that you need an oil change, schedule an appointment at our Chevy service center.

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