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OK, you just bought the best Dallas Fort Worth used car from a reputable dealer and are happy that it also comes with a lifetime warranty and no matter what mileage you put on your vehicle. That is all good, but now let’s talk about how to avoid accidents especially those caused by obstruction of visibility.

Recognize your vehicle’s blind spots
Your car or truck comes equipped with interior mirrors and exterior mirrors, which when used together, give us a view of what is happening behind the vehicle and to some extent to the sides. On the other hand, the driver’s peripheral vision is almost 180 degrees. The blind spot is the part that does not cover either the mirror image or the driver’s peripheral vision.
Suppose that we are parked with two vehicles on the sides at the same distance between wheel and wheel and we draw an imaginary triangle that begins in the side mirrors of our vehicle towards the rear wheel of the vehicle next to it and continues towards its exterior mirror and from there where we started, we could get an idea of ​​the blind spot we are talking about.

Adjust the mirrors
Always be sure to align your mirrors so that you can see as much of the way as possible, following the natural movement of your head. It is not a good idea to position them in such a way that you have to stretch your neck or worse still shrink it in order to see. Always move naturally.
Take your time getting into your vehicle, check that you can see around naturally and that the mirrors are in the correct position. Also remember that some vehicles come with adjustment buttons that we could inadvertently push and move the mirrors while driving. So be sure to put the buttons back in a neutral position so this doesn’t happen.

Pay attention to other vehicles
When driving it is recommended that you turn constantly and check the vehicles that come to the sides and behind you, so you can see if they are making dangerous maneuvers or that they may approach and hit you. Also, it helps you measure the amount of traffic in case someone in front of you brakes or makes a quick maneuver that forces you to turn to the side, if you know who is behind you, you can know if you can change lanes to the right or to the right. the left to avoid the one in front.
On the other hand, if you are stuck in traffic, and you check your surroundings, you can tell if a vehicle is blocking traffic behind you and can give you a chance to let it pass or change lanes.

Share the way
By constantly mirroring you can tell if there is a vehicle smaller than yours, such as motorcycles and super compact cars. Upon realizing its existence, you can perform maneuvers to make sure that it does not get in your way or that it obstructs your visibility and you get to get into an accident with cars or trucks that come in the opposite lane or to the side.

Check your surroundings when changing lanes
When we change lanes it is important to know that there is a possibility that a car or truck may be to the side and we cannot see it through our mirrors. By turning your head and checking that a vehicle is not found, we can prevent any mishap.
Remember that not only do natural blind spots exist, but vision can also be obstructed by objects or passengers. If you move large loads, at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth you can buy the best trucks in Dallas Fort Worth.

Make sure you can see people in crosswalks
Another important point is to be in an intersection and we find a pedestrian crossing. Here the windshield pillars can prevent us from seeing if a pedestrian is coming across the street. It is important to lean forward and verify that there are no pedestrians who are about to cross in front of us and that we have not seen them. Especially in school zones, as children are sometimes more difficult to see due to their height.
At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we have a large inventory of the best used cars and trucks in Dallas Fort Worth, and part of our goal is to not only provide you with the warranty that comes with the Moritz Promise , but also whoever enjoys your car or truck. truck without mishaps. Always remember to drive defensively and feel free to visit us with any questions you may have.

Blindspot warning on a Buick Envision exterior rearview mirror.

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