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While you’ll normally want to have a good service center you can trust for maintenance on your car, you may also find yourself needing a body shop you can trust if your car gets into a collision or is vandalized.
Here at Moritz Chevrolet, we got you covered for any of your automotive needs. Whether you need car service or bodywork done for your car, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Body Shop Vs. Service Center
If you’re wondering what makes a service center different from a body shop, our team of certified Chevy technicians is here to explain. You’ll want to take your car to a service center for routine maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, and other scheduled maintenance. You’ll also want to bring your car to a service center if you need to replace any malfunctioning parts with fresh Chevy OEM parts.
On the other hand, a body shop is where you should go if you get into a collision of some sort and need to repair or replace bodywork. This includes repairing doors, bumpers, and other parts of the car that aren’t part of the car’s internal mechanics.

Our Service Center
Not only can you bring your Chevy car over to our Fort Worth Chevy service center for routine maintenance and to address any check engine alerts, but you can also depend on us to get your car back into perfect shape after a collision. Our experts over at our body shop can fix dents, replace bumpers, and take care of other problems with the body of your car.
Schedule your service appointment with us today to get your car driving and looking like new again!

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