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After a rough winter, we’re all ready for spring to arrive! But is your car ready for the new season? Our team here at our Chevy service center is ready to take great care of your car and to ensure you’ll be ready to drive with confidence during the spring.

Here are some services to request here at Moritz Chevrolet to get your car up to speed for the upcoming seasonal transition.

Tire Check
If you braved the snow and ice-covered roads this winter, it’s important to get your tires checked by our team of certified Chevy technicians. We’ll check your tire tread, air pressure, and rotate your tires if you are due for a tire rotation. And if you need new tires, we’ll ensure you find the perfect tires for driving in the warmer weather.

Car Battery Check
The freezing temperatures of the winter season can be rough on your car’s battery. But it’s also important to ensure your car battery is ready to take on the warmer spring season as well. Our team will check your engine’s charge, make sure everything is connected properly, and look for any signs of corrosive buildup or damage.

Air Conditioning Check
While you likely didn’t need your air conditioning during the frigid winter months, the spring can dial up the heat pretty quickly. When you have our team check your air conditioning system, you’ll be ready for comfortable driving throughout the spring.

Oil Change
Getting your oil changed during seasonal changes is a good way to stay on schedule and to make sure your car is ready to drive smoothly and efficiently. During your oil change, we’ll also get your car ready for spring by checking your tire pressure, replenishing your wiper fluid, and checking your lights.

Schedule your service appointment at our Fort Worth Chevy dealership today!

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