Chevrolet Parts FAQ: Your Transmission

Hood of a Chevy car popped open

Transmissions are among the most complicated Chevrolet parts. Intricately machined and absolutely critical to your car’s optimal operation, many drivers don’t actually understand how their transmission works. To help educate our neighbors, the team at our Chevrolet dealership in Fort Worth, TX compiled this brief list of frequently asked questions regarding your Chevy’s transmission.

Q: What Does a Transmission Do?

A: In simplest terms, the transmission in your Chevy Tahoe and other vehicles helps to transfer the energy created by your engine to the wheels of your car. While this sounds simple, it is actually an exceptionally complex process involving ratios of mechanical gears that help to disburse energy in such a way to demand the least amount of work from your engine to move your car at different speeds.

Q: What Kinds of Transmissions Are There?

A: There are numerous different types of transmissions in Chevy cars, but the three most common are manual, automatic, and continuously variable. Manual transmissions – commonly referred to as “stick shifts” – are some of the oldest kinds of this component, requiring the driver to “manually” disengage the transmission from the engine before selecting the appropriate gear for the current speed and torque needs.

Automatic transmissions take care of this for the driver, using onboard computers to select the proper gears. Newer continuously variable transmissions are a version of automatic transmissions that, as their name suggests, are able to provide a much broader range of gear ratios, allowing for optimal fuel efficiency.

Q: What are Some Common Signs of Trouble with My Transmission?

A: A troublesome transmission is typically very easy to identify. You may hear or feel gears grinding or even smell something burning. In extreme cases, your car may not be able to move at all, or it might move very slowly regardless of how you press the accelerator.

Even a minor issue, if left unattended, can have catastrophic consequences for your vehicle, potentially damaging your powertrain and drivetrain.

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