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There is nothing more relaxing than watching it rain from our favorite chair, with a cup of coffee; However, for those who must drive or when the rain finds them on the way, the rain sensors are one of the most functional devices, but to which we pay the least attention.

We usually find the button for this device on the steering wheel lever. From there we can activate or deactivate it if we are going to use a car wash or in other conditions where we know that it is not necessary to clean the windshield. At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we can help you choose the best used car in Dallas Fort Worth with the most advanced technological advances as well as the most comfortable used cars and trucks.

How does a rain sensor work?
Typically, rain sensors work with devices that emit and receive a beam of light through glass. These sensors measure the intensity of the returning light. When encountering an obstacle that stops the complete reflection of said light beam, such as the refractive effect of water, it activates the windshield wipers and the intensity of their movement.

The larger the object that obstructs the reflection of the light beam, the faster the windshield wipers work. Once the light received is the same as that emitted, the windshield wipers stop again.

Like any other hands-free device, the rain sensor allows us to drive without distractions, especially when it is rainy , as we pay all our attention to the road without thinking about the speed of the wiper.
In the case of snow, this system works the same, detecting the amount of snow that falls on the windshield or that other cars throw at us, in the case of de-icing time.

Another case in which this device helps us is when it falls onto an object and is detected, such as mud, insects or dust, this causes the system to activate automatically and improve our visibility.

In some cars, the rain sensor not only measures the amount of water that falls on the windshield, but is also connected to the entire sensor system of the car, serving as another point of information for the climate and humidity inside the car are the most optimal.

Some vehicles come with automatic ventilation systems that use the rain sensors as another source of information to change the flow of recirculating air to the outside. It is always advisable to speak with a certified mechanic such as those at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth to keep all of these components in tip-top condition and to function as designed. An example would be the cabin filter, which regulates the particles that we breathe inside the vehicle, especially in rainy or snowy conditions, when the air is normally recirculated to preserve heat.

At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we have a large inventory of the best used cars in Dallas Fort Worth and they feature this and other accessories that make the driving experience easier and more fun. Including out of town adventures.

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