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At a prestigious dealership like Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth we have a wide variety of vehicles for all the tastes and needs of Hispanics in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Some of our customers have asked us what is the difference between 4WD and AWD. In this case we will talk about the advantages of AWD (All Wheel Drive).

What is AWD?
Usually known by its acronym in English, this four-wheel drive system is generally automatic and we do not feel it until there is some condition on the ground or a sharp curve, and that is when we can have more control of the car.

In a previous blog we explored the torque of a used car. Well now, this torque is transmitted to the wheels automatically, introducing changes when driving where more traction is needed.

When driving at high speeds normally the AWD is constantly monitoring the handling and applies different specifications to each wheel so that the vehicle moves in direct line and without loss of control.

How do you know if a used car is AWD?
When looking for the best used car in Dallas Fort Worth and contacting the professionals at Moritz, they can help you know the specifications of the car or truck you are looking for, especially the name the manufacturer uses to indicate the type of traction. In addition, they provide you with a complete history of the vehicle in which you can see the maintenance that has been done.

This is important, as each manufacturer uses different nomenclatures that can be a bit confusing. The point is that when buying a used car from Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth you not only have access to that information but they can answer any questions and you can also do a test drive and see how easy it is to drive an AWD.

Importance of tires in the AWD system
Of course, the traction system also depends on the tires that the vehicle has, so it is important to know that in each service offered at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth, a certified professional mechanic will check the condition of the tires, as well as give you a recommendation. when it’s time to change them.

Moritz used AWD car warranty
When you buy a used AWD car or truck from Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth, it has undergone a rigorous inspection and comes with the Moritz Promise that covers engine and transmission damage for life regardless of miles driven. You can ask Moritz professionals and they will give you all the details of this guarantee that they provide at no additional cost.

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