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If you’re beginning to take up bass fishing, we have some tips for you. We know, it might seem strange to go to a car dealership for info about fishing, but we’re actually involved a variety of community initiatives and partnerships with local fishing experts.

You can come to Moritz Chevrolet when you need a new car, and we can let you know what bait and supplies to pack in the trunk for your next fishing trip!

Bass Fishing Tips

If you’re fishing for bass, you need a few jigs in your tackle box. These lures can catch bass in all kinds of weather conditions, in different seasons, and in different depths of water. You can also try out jerkbait, which looks a lot like a minnow and moves in an erratic way that can’t help but catch the attention of nearby bass.

Different types of crankbait can work as well but knowing which types to use and when to use them is important. Slender crankbaits with more subtle movements reign supreme in winter, while crankbaits that wobble more aggressively can stand out to bass in summer.

Bass will also bite on various types of live bait, including worms, but fishing with lures is a bit more common these days.

Our Community Involvement Efforts
We know a bit about fishing because we’re involved with local organizations that help spread awareness of this pastime while making efforts to help the community. We work with Cara Young Fish for Life, a charitable organization that holds fishing events and raises money for charitable endeavors. We support their “Prayer Bear” drive every year and have helped get thousands of teddy bears to kids in hospitals.

We support a number of other organizations, including the Texas Fishing Forums, Team Trail Outdoors, and the Texas High School Bass Association. We even sponsor a local fishing TV show, Honey Hole Outdoors. Your local Fort Worth Chevrolet dealer knows a lot about trucks and SUVs, but they know a lot about fishing too!

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