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When driving in the city, especially in the centers of Dallas and Fort Worth, we do not feel the difference in aerodynamics of our vehicle, since we go at low speeds and normally in traffic; However, when we hit the road we can feel the difference between one vehicle and another.

When choosing your next used car in Dallas Fort Worth, and if you use it to hit the road often, your friends at Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth give you some tips to choose the best option for your comfort.

What is aerodynamics?
First of all, let’s define aerodynamics as the study of air flow around a moving car. Now, taking this definition into account, we can focus on the factors that you can take into consideration when looking for the best used car for you.

When driving on the highway at high speed, the car generates air resistance and this can be felt by keeping the steering wheel under control. In fact, on some stretches of roads, mainly in West Texas, they have signs that warn us of strong currents perpendicular to the road.

Air flow
Definitely a streamlined design is not fought with a pretty design. Modern automobiles take advantage of low profiles so that the air circulates evenly between the car floor and the pavement, thus avoiding those air bounces that in the past made the car or truck feel “light” but unstable.

Parts that generate resistance
The grille, wheels, and rear view mirrors create drag, which is why the best used cars are designed to smooth out the airflow. When visiting Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth, you can check the curves and markings on the rearview mirrors so that you can see the technological advances of each vehicle in inventory.

Gain in fuel efficiency
As we’ve said in past blogs, the best used cars have fuel efficiency that’s achieved not just by an efficient engine, but a better drag . When you test drive a Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth, you can feel the perfect balance between power and fuel economy. Furthermore, as our vehicles have been meticulously inspected, by driving them you know that they are in top condition.

The strange case of hybrid cars
If you are looking for a used car that is hybrid , these come with aerodynamic advancements that take into account the weight of the extra electric motor, allowing them to distribute it more evenly. With a low drag coefficient they are perfect for driving on the main arteries of the city.

Modern design
The advantages of advances in aerodynamics coupled with the use of wind tunnels and computer simulations from renowned manufacturers have resulted in vehicles with not only modern but functional silhouettes.

In the past it was common to see ailerons directing airflow to improve rear tire traction, but with advancements in power and torque efficiencies, as well as the car’s better weight distribution, they have made it possible for engineers to generate the same effect but with the total contour of the car. You can choose between used cars with exquisite silhouettes or with more aggressive lines.

Driving experience
By spending a good time behind the wheel, a car with a good aerodynamic design makes the experience more pleasant. Every time we pass a large vehicle, such as a trailer, it can generate an air flow without uniformity, but if our vehicle is aerodynamic, that does not affect us much, since the lines of our car offer less resistance and therefore, more control.

At Moritz Chevrolet Fort Worth you know that we have the best used cars in Dallas Fort Worth, which in addition to having gone through a thorough inspection, come with the Moritz Promise , which is a lifetime warranty on engine and transmission, regardless of the miles. handled. When you visit us, ask about this Promise and how it works.

Drive safely and confidently… that’s the Moritz way.

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